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Tutto per il tuo matrimonio!

Get married in sicily. The perfect wedding island!



By Night®
(trademark) works in the area of entertainment and is the owner of: Taormina By Night® (trademark) offering free and independent tourist guides for night life in Taormina. By Night® has built its professional experience for twenty years now, to help you organize your wedding in the marvellous city of Taormina, “The Ionian Pearl”. By Night®’s professional consultants offer high quality services so that the entertainment and the location of your wedding reception are unique and inimitable.


• Service Audio - Video – Lights
High definition lights and audio for any outisde or inside location. We offer platforms, catwalks, marquees, Ledwalls and architectural light projections, anything for any whim.

• D.J., Host & Singer
In a mix of music and fun, here is one of our most complete packages. Three characters who, in perfect harmony, will offer your guests good music, entertainment during the pauses between courses and their own involvement in the party, during the whole reception. Everything for a wedding both magic and amusing.

• DJ & Host
Essential for any event including music, our DJs are local professionals and stars who can satisfy even the more demanding audience. The host, in turn, will manage the event professionally and warmly, ensuring that all the important moment of the reception proceed smoothly and creating evocative situations.

• DJ just for after-dinner
A dancing finale, organized by a professional DJ, could become the clou moment of your wedding reception, the real “icing on the cake”. Our professionals, having worked for years in this sector, are supported by high level, professional audio and light installations. They will make you dance wildly at the rhythm of Revival, R&B, House, Dance, Rock & Roll, Commercial and other Italian and Latinos musical tunes.

• Singer
Pianobar, professional singers with national and international playlists are available, ready to please any musical taste.

• Music for the nuptial rite
The “I will” moment cannot do without the appropriate music: the soundtrack to your most important moment will be taken care of by our professionals choosing from a varied range of instruments to find the right combination for your tastes: violin, organ, guitar, cello, flute and a string quartet.

• Folk Show
The tradition of Sicilian folk music can become a genuine show, rich in music and cabaret and drawing in the guests themselves. The band is composed of a singer, guitar/”friscaletti” and accordion. At your request, there will also be Sicilian folk scenography and choreographies.

• Caribbean group
An exclusive service which includes a band of expert singers and musicians in the domain of Caribbean music: salsa, merengue and the other rhythms of the islands will ensure the success of your reception. At your request, the group is supported by two professional dancers.

• Swing, Amarcord and Orchestras
For those who wish a musical background of real excellence, we offer orchestras and professional musical groups of any genre, always in the idea of a wedding reception becoming a real event, one you and your guests will never forget.

Scenographic and architectural lights

Do you want a unique location? No problem: professionals of video and lights’ service together with scenographers will be able to renovate your chosen location, transforming it in a really spectacular set, fulfilling all your dreams.

• Oysters and Champagne

The “aperitivo” will be served on board, in a real fishing boat where a Sicilian “piscaturi”, in impeccable manner, will offer fresh oysters, opened and prepared just in front of you. Oysters can be followed by “marinature” (marinated fish) and fish “crudités”. At your request flutes of either “Italian Prosecco” or champagne.

• Smoke & Drink

This service includes high-quality Rhum, Whiskey, Bourbon, Cognac and Vodka, both commercial and not, followed by prestigious Cuban cigars. You will also delight in the taste of 90%, 99% and 100% Brazilian cocoa and sweets made with pure Jamaican and Cuban cane sugar.

• Children entertainment

Children will be welcomed since their very arrival at the hall by specialists in child entertainment and they’ll be taken care of during the whole event with games, labs and little shows designed for them. The animators will also take care of the decoration of the hall, audio service, gimmicks, baby dancing, puppet show, balloon machine, popcorn machine, balloon sculptures, group games and nonallergenic glitter tattoos. Everything to ensure an entertaining day/night for the children.

• Fire Show

“FireShow” is a real show mixing the art of dancing and the magnificence of fire. Besides the great care in costume design, choreographies and scenography, even the choice of music is entirely intended to create a highly suggestive show. The final part will be dedicated to the bride and bridegroom, offering them a romantic moment making them the real protagonists: almost at the end of the shoe, they will be invited to the centre to slowly dance to the music of a love song; on their sides two volcanic cones, at the back a fire heart. An unforgettable moment for the bride and bridegroom and for their guests. The choice can be made among three themes: Venezia – Japan – Atlantide – Gotica – Made in Sicily.

• Wedding Flowers
Artisan “maestros” since generations will create flower compositions for any taste, taking care of the decoration of the church and of the location, of the bouquets and, at your request, of any other floral detail.

• Car and motor rental

No matter what size your wedding is, By Night® will provide you with the right-sized means of transportation: modern luxury cars like Mercedes, Jaguar and Limousine; vintage cars like Buick, Balilla, Cabriolet, Beauford, Chevrolet, Excalibur, Bentley e Rolls Royce… you will just have to choose, from Ferrari to the small “Fiat 500”, from the typical Sicilian “Carretto” to the legendary Vespa. Also available for you are space wagons, minibuses and coaches for your guests – also for transfers from and to the airport.

• Sicilian boats’ rental

Rental service for typical Sicilian boats to make photos and videos in the marvellous Taormina’s bay

• Photos - Videos - Drones

Photo and video service with professional photographers and operators: high-quality dvds, photobooks, and videos. At your request drone photos and video taken from above.

• Fireworks

Fireworks whenever, wherever and however you will desire. The artists of the black powder will be available to make your most important moment unforgettable.

• Catering

If you choose a location which is not inside an official restaurant or hotel, By Night® offers high quality catering by certified and award-winning chefs. Everything will be prepares, offered and served by qualified staff. Nothing will be left to chance.

• Barman and Barlady

For those who like a good drink, professional barmen (certified I.B.A. and A.I.B.E.S.) will prepare international cocktails with excellent products.

• Location

By Night® offers a wide choice of Iocations from up in the mountains to down on the sea; from the centre of Taormina to the most prestigious private villas; from the antique Medieval, Sicilian boroughs to old Etna’s “casali” (farmhouses) and “palmenti” (where the must was made). Among our location is the amazing "Castello degli Schiavi", 18th century’s rural baroque jewel which is worldwide famous as it was used as a set for many films, including Pier Paolo Pasolini’s L’orgia (1968). The Castello, though, reached its major popularity thanks to Francis Ford Coppola who chose it as the set for the main scened of Il Padrino Part I (1972) and Part II (1974).

• Stunts:

For peculiar locations or entertainment requiring a certain set, we can contact actors and stunts to give you the typical Sicilian traditional scenery and let you feel the emotion of living a moment in a movie.

Content writer (testi in italiano e in inglese) Rosaria M. Distefano - rosaria.distefano@gmail.com

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